Frequently Asked Questions

Below are common questions merchants and partners have asked.

Drop us a line if you think we missed something or don’t have a clear answer.

How Did You Pick the Trends?

Our data science and digital marketing teams were working with our clients closely when the pandemic broke. So, we listened for what questions investors, CEOs and marketing teams were asking on a daily basis for where to place their limited resources.

  • Namely, how is revenue changing every 24 hours?
  • What emerging user behaviors are happening onsite across devices, geography, and loyalty week by week?
  • Given that ad inventory is suddenly so cheap, does it really return once users are onsite?

Since we were already aggregating these insights internally with our Tadpull Data Pond software tool, we thought “why shouldn’t we make this available to all merchants?” in a public way?

Many merchants are really hurting with having to close their front doors and scrambling to make up cashflows online. So, we see it as our duty to do our small part to help out as best we can by providing data to guide strategic investment decisions.

After all, if we can work together to crowdsource data, we can all make better decisions by pooling our resources.

Who is Participating?

We’ve got a range of merchants large and small and average the data to take these different magnitudes into account. This helps normalize insights from big to small websites.

You’ll be in good company here though to take advantage of such scale.

As a digital marketer or e-commerce leader, you’re in a position to benefit tremendously by leveraging their insights given their traffic levels and ad spends.

Why Tadpull?

Good question. Our team is equal parts data scientists, digital marketers and software engineers which equips us with unique interdisciplinary talents needed to drive ecomm growth off massive datasets.

In short, we get to see a lot of sites and a ton of tactics for what works and what doesn’t. In fact, last year we helped deliver digital experiences that drove over $100M in revenue for clients globally. We’re also certified e-commerce partners with Oracle | NetSuite, BigCommerce and Klayvio.

Finally, our cofounders created and teach one of the first graduate level courses on e-commerce in the Masters of Statistics and Business Analytics program at University of Montana’s College of Business. It’s appropriately titled, “Pillars of Profitable E-Commerce”.

So, we strongly believe in the power of analytics and also sharing what we learn.

That’s what moves our industry forward.

Can You See My Site’s Data or Login To My Google Analytics?

No. Your site’s data is your business.

In addition, Google’s authorization process for granting an application access to Google Analytics is very strict here for approval and we take privacy extremely seriously. All our software is GDPR and CCPA compliant.

Technically, our application asks for read only access to pull through the insights and anonymizes the data. Think of it as pouring in flour into a big bowl when you bake a cake.

Next, it mixes this in with the entire group of websites to help build strong signals for what’s really happening every 24 hours in e-commerce.

At the end of the day, the community just sees a cake but not the flour.

By adding your data, you help the entire community get better insights and make better decisions but maintain utmost control of access of course.

If I participate in the benchmark what do I get back?

We thought long and hard here about this and reached out to some of the sharpest minds we know in the e-commerce industry to vet our ideas.

So, we lit upon the value proposition of being able for you to seamlessly compare your site to the overall benchmark with a simple toggle by setting up a private account viewable only to you.

  • Curious where transactions are happening in the US for honing in on Facebook targeting? Toggle back and forth on the Geography section.
  • How about if you need to work on your site design? See if your conversion rates are widely different than everyone else.
  • Is your email performing? Look up conversions by channel to see if you’re on trend.

All updated every 24 hours so you can adapt as fast as this new world of commerce is moving.

This is accessible by setting up your own personal profile in a few quick clicks at no charge.

And you’ll be helping out your fellow merchants as well in the process!

Great, anything else?

We’re glad you asked :-)

We’ve also set up a way to embed your very own custom Google Data Studio dashboard in your profile. Completely private and visible only to you.

Start your morning by scanning the benchmark for trends, quickly compare your site, and then hone in on specific KPIs in your Data Studio dashboard that matter to you.

All in one page--and in five minutes.

No toggling to Google Analytics to Shopify to Facebook. Be efficient and armed with current data to make smart decisions with minimal time for accessing the data.

Completely customizable and free to use.

Bonus: you can also add as many pages as you like in Data Studio and have it update instantly back in your view.

Wow, How Can I Help?

If you see value, we’d greatly appreciate any shout outs on social media or shooting an email to anyone in your network that could benefit from having near real-time ecommerce data at their fingertips.

Nothing is scarier than trying to make decisions alone for your store without any insights into what’s really happening on a macro level.

If you could help us come together as a community by pooling our data, we can all help come out the other side of this as best we can.

A huge thank you for the consideration!

Team Tadpull