About the Tadpull E-commerce Benchmark(™)

These are volatile times for e-commerce.

Some days are setting revenue records while others are so dismal they have us all scratching our heads.

Everyone is living in a new environment and trying to triangulate if their store is performing. It’s almost impossible to do this on your own just looking at your site in Google Analytics.

After all, ads on Facebook, Google and Instagram are insanely cheap but onsite conversions can be tough and elusive as consumers deliberate. Email can perform remarkably well while SEO traffic is evaporating.

But is this just your website? Or is it your vertical? Or is it just e-commerce in general?

So, we took inspiration from the financial sector for evaluating assets and having a broad benchmark to compare against much like the Dow Jones Industrial Average - but for e-commerce.

We’re working on helping you answer those very questions...with daily updates.

How It Works

Our software and data science teams have built a custom app from the ground up directly integrated with the Google Analytics API to make comparing your site to the benchmark as dead-simple as possible in under two minutes.

All anonymous and completely controlled by you.

To help the community and compare your site, all you have to do is:

  1. Click the “Sign Up” button or this link. Sign up
  2. Login in with your Google Account (hint: Be sure to pick the Gmail account you use for accessing Google Analytics) login
  3. Verify your email address by clicking the pink button or the link in the email we’ll send you. verify your email
  4. Pick your preferred Google Analytics view from the drop down (you can add as many properties as you want - the app will let you toggle back and forth easily) Next - click the “Add Account” button. add account choose profile
  5. The app will fetch your data - this usually takes 1-3 minutes as it builds you a custom dashboard for comparing your site against the overall benchmark. report loaded
  6. Go back to the main Benchmark page. Scroll through the page and toggle back and forth from the Benchmark and “Your Site” to get a sense of how your traffic is performing, user behavior onsite, geography trends, and device shifts.

A Free Prize Inside

We all loved getting a free prize in the cereal box as kids, right?

So, we’ve built out a feature for your account where you can embed your own custom Google Data Studio dashboard.

Again, this is only visible to you on login and not shared with anyone else.

This hopefully simplifies looking at macro data and specific indicators that matter especially to you and your team.

Strength in Numbers

In an Amazon world, where your revenue can be shut off with no notice and your margins are always at-risk, we believe it’s time to arm merchants with data to make better decisions.

After all, David had a rock to go after Goliath. We see tools like this as that rock.

And there could be no better time to go big in e-commerce. Technology is now so affordable it can be cost-effective to tip up a store. However, getting the website to perform profitably means being exceedingly careful with resources.

So, we’re reaching out to all the merchants in e-commerce who want to pool their Google Analytics data anonymously to identify what’s working and what’s not for the benefit of the community.

After all, we need strength in numbers and the numbers provide the clues to make smart bets against big trends.

Without that, we're all flying blind and placing bets instead of investing intelligently.

Either way, we all deserve to sleep a little bit easier at night.

Your Data and Your Permission

Let’s be clear that your Google Analytics data is your data.

If you so choose, you can put your two cents into the pool to help provide your fellow merchants better and better data - but your site will remain anonymous.

And if you want to remove your account at any time, it’s literally one click to delete (and one more to confirm) and everything is erased, including your profile and Google Data Studio embed. delete account picture

No questions asked.

Questions? Or Ideas?

Have a question not answered here or in our FAQ’s section?

Feel free to shoot us an email at hi@tadpull.com and we’ll do our best to get back to you as fast as possible.

Better yet, if you have a question of the data and you’d like our data science team to work on putting this into the benchmark, we’d love to hear from you!

Curious how your site compares?

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